Going into business for the first time can be a rewarding but daunting experience for most people.  If you are thinking of making this step we can offer practical advice on all revenue and accounting issues.  Our initial consultations for this would be complementary and you would gain independent advice on the following areas and more:

Business Plans

One of the first things that you will need when establishing a business is a comprehensive business plan.  We can give you advice on preparing a business plan or indeed prepare one for you.  Business plans including budgets and projected accounts will be required by banks when applying for finance.  They may also be required by government bodies if you are applying for any grants or state aid.  They will also set out a clear financial path for you to follow and enable you to see if your business is on track. 

Legal structure.

Another decision that you will be faced with when setting up a business is to decide what legal structure that you require.  During your initial consultation we will outline the pros and cons of the various structures to you and help you decide which one best suits your needs.  The biggest decision is whether to operate as a sole trader or  a body corporate.  If you decide to set up as a sole trader we can register  that for you with revenue and if applicable we can register a trade name for you.  If you decide to incorporate the business we can form the company for you with the Companies Registration Office and register the company with revenue.  We will also advise you on the various company structures such as limited and unlimited companies to name but a few. 

Revenue Deadlines and filing with the CRO. 

During our initial meeting we will also outline for you the on-going compliance issues that you will face including what returns need to be filed with revenue and with the Companies Registration Office. 

So, if you think establishing a new business might be for you then please give us a call and we will be delighted to go through your options with you.  As I said before your initial consultation will be complementary so it is well worth your while to at least discuss the options.